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国际十大娱乐正规官方排名 has a long legacy of academic excellence, and we continue to build on that legacy in ways that prepare students to succeed in a constantly changing world.

The administration provides leadership and counsel on academic programs, 政策, 教师招聘及支援, 研究, 并支持学术事务.



格雷琴里特 被任命为副校长, provost and chief academic officer in June 2021 and began her new role on Oct. 1, 2021. She previously served as the executive dean of the College and Arts and Sciences at the Ohio State 大学. As the chief academic officer for the largest college of arts and sciences in the United States, she was responsible for the academic success and 研究 excellence of more than 17,000名本科生, 2,300名研究生和1,300年教师.




克里斯·约翰逊 was appointed associate provost for academic affairs in September 2018. 以这种身份, Johnson partners with Vice Chancellor, Provost and Chief Academic Officer 格雷琴里特 and other 学术事务 leaders to support key academic initiatives and advance the 大学’s vision and mission as outlined in the 学术战略规划.




史蒂文·班尼特 joined the 大学 as senior vice president for 学术操作 in 2017. He also serves as chief of staff in the 教务处, overseeing academic operations for administrative units that report to the Office of the Provost, including 国际十大娱乐正规官方排名在国外 and satellite facilities around the U.S. 还有地球. He works closely with the provost and their leadership team on academic unit budgeting, 人事管理, 通信, 发展和战略规划.




瑞恩•威廉姆斯 is the 大学's vice president for 注册服务. 在这个角色中, 他负责招生办公室, the Office of 金融援助 and Scholarship Programs, 招生处理中心, the Office of Institutional 研究 and the Student Employment Office. Prior to being named vice president in 2018, Williams held several positions at the 大学, including senior associate vice president, interim senior associate vice president and associate vice president.




杰米·温德斯 serves as associate provost for 教员事务. 以这种身份, Winders partners with Vice Chancellor, Provost and Chief Academic Officer 格雷琴里特 and other academic affairs leaders to support key faculty initiatives and advance the 大学’s vision and mission as outlined in the 学术战略规划. A professor in the Department of Geography and the Environment, Winders was also the founding director of the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute.




彼得Vanable was appointed associate provost for 研究生 Studies and dean of the 研究生院 on January 6, 2017. He assumed the role of interim vice president of 研究 on January 1, 2016. Vanable is a professor of psychology and adjunct professor of medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical 大学. He served as chair of psychology for six years, an appointment that began in August of 2009.




邓肯·布朗 is the Vice President for 研究 and Charles Brightman Endowed Professor of Physics. He is an internationally recognized leader in gravitational-wave astronomy and astrophysics and was integral to the discovery of gravitational waves by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO).




玛塞尔Haddix serves as associate provost for strategic initiatives. 以这种身份, 她与副校长合作, Provost and Chief Academic Officer 格雷琴里特 and others to connect 学术事务 with the campus and surrounding community. She is the primary liaison to the 大学 Senate and oversees the First Year Seminar and 大学-wide arts and humanities affiliates and programs.




罗伯塔·波比·琼斯 is assistant provost for strategic planning and budget. Her primary responsibility is to serve as chief budget officer for 学术事务 and to serve as advisor to the vice chancellor and provost on strategic planning and initiatives. 打315可以找到她.443.2055 or by mail at 323 Crouse-Hinds Hall, 国际十大娱乐正规官方排名,纽约州13244.




Erika Wilkens brings deep international experience to her new role as assistant provost and executive director of the 大学’s 国际十大娱乐正规官方排名在国外 program. In 2010 she was appointed the founding director of the 大学’s new study abroad center in Istanbul. She led operations at that center until 2017, when the center closed its doors due to political unrest in that region.

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大卫·希曼 is dean of 库 and university librarian at 国际十大娱乐正规官方排名大学. He leads a talented library staff to deliver the services and collections necessary to drive 21st-century 研究, 教学, 和学习, and to provide innovative spaces for study, 协作, 和创新. 他的电话号码是315.443.5533.